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Over the past 50+ years, Dutch has lived a few lifetimes. He doesn’t name drop, because no one would believe that shit anyway. Dutch isn’t a fan of the Status Quo, and takes great joy in asking the questions that others avoid.

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I was first bit by the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) bug back in 2014. It was football season (NFL) in the United States. I was watching the games over at a friends house, and a FanDuel ad popped on the screen. Play with your friends, make games more fun, potential to win millions. Then they…

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I stumbled onto this little secret very early in my professional career: Being a consultant is the best job ever. There are many reasons why consulting is an awesome career, a few of which are: You can consult your clients from anywhere in the world You can bill your client whenever you are thinking about…

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Becoming a Dad was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had in my life, you know, other than having sex with their Mom(s). When my first son was born, I thought “Man, I should really get my shit together, I’m a Dad now.” I thought about buckling down, going to law school, that kind…

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The stuff on this list might kill you, but it can also make you healthier, give you more time to do the things you like, make you more attractive, and will lead to you having more sex. Weight Lifting High Intensity Interval Training Whiskey Long Walks Meditation Make some “real life” friends Learn to say…

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I keep a running list of stupid shit that the masses love. Some of these things aren’t around (or just aren’t all that popular) anymore, but I keep them on the list for the Historical Record. Facebook Instagram Snapchat Dr. Phil Oprah Winfrey Ellen DeGeneres Barack Obama Michelle Obama The View Craft Beer (Yum, it’s…

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Did you know that you can interview divorce lawyers? And that you should since they are working for you and not the other way around. Many people, myself included when I went through a divorce, think that they have to kiss a lawyers ass when they are in a pinch and looking for legal guidance.…

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