I Need A Divorce Lawyer And Have No Money

If you are going to get a divorce and don’t have the money to pay for a lawyer, you have several options. The two best are:

  1. Contact a family lawyer in your area for a reference to a family law center that takes cases pro bono (“for free”). This is a decent option if you have no assets, because these places are set up for people that are poor. The lawyers still make money because they are paid by the county, state, or some non-profit organizations.
  2. If you have assets, but are short on cash or your cash flow has been interrupted, contact the attorney that you want to represent you in your divorce to work out a deal. Just call, get an appointment, and make a deal. Make it worth their time. Many divorce attorneys will work your case and attach their fees to the equity in your home. With smaller firms, you can get on a payment plan. Be prepared to show that you are a reliable earner and aren’t a huge financial risk.