So, I get it that “Thinspiration” is the term used for the inspiration people get from images of thin people. They use these images in order to motivate themselves to get or stay thin. I get my thinspiration from morbidly obese people that look like they’re going to fall over dead just walking up a flight of stairs. How horrifying.

A few years ago I quit using tobacco products, but then replaced that habit with candy. I would use hard candy as a distraction for not having a dip in (I dipped Copenhagen). The candy combined with the lack of nicotine and my recovered taste buds resulted in my packing on about 50 pounds. I’d turned into a real fatty.

The increased weight did a number on my blood pressure. I love to eat, and hate to exercise, but that’s all mental. I am currently working on changing up my diet, and I have been exercising for over a year now. I’m still on blood pressure meds, but my blood pressure has come down significantly over the past year – as in it has dropped like a rock. I will be talking to my doctor about getting off the BP meds this summer.

I just came across this word “thinspiration” tonight, and as lame as I think it is, I get it. I’m not body shamer, and love to see huge fat people in the gym, because they are taking a painful step to lose the weight, and need all the encouragement they can get. But I still use them as my inspiration to lose the weight, pack on the muscle, and not let myself get to the point where I sweat just putting on my shoes.